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Woodland Valley Ranch Property Owners Association

Come see the big skies of Woodland Valley Ranch - located on Hwy 191 north of St. Johns, Arizona 

This site provides Woodland Valley Ranch property owners with important information about the ranch, such as board meeting minutes, announcements, and documents pertinent to the ranch owners.

Our goal in creating this website is to provide you, our associate member, the information needed to make the most of your property ownership at Woodland Valley Ranch. Within this site you will find networking links, allowing us all to be as involved in the WVR community as we see fit and giving us opportunities to get to know our neighbors. 

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February 8th Draft Meeting minutes have been posted.

Important Notice!

If you are planning to attend the Board meeting this Saturday, we are offering a alternative to attending in person. We have set up a ZOOM meeting that you may use to attend either by computer on-line or by phone. Please see the March Meeting Flyer Post below to obtain more information.


Ed Sauer

To WVR POA Members

There appears to have been some problems with delivery of the WVR POA Dues invoices. Many members have yet to receive the notices.

I spoke with Chris York of TRT today about POA members not receiving the POA Dues invoices.

She said she sent everything out in December and has not received any postal notices of failure to deliver. She has also been concerned with the high number of inquiries she has received from members who did not receive their invoices. At the same time she has received payments from many members so some of the invoices were delivered.

What she recommends is that if you have not received your WVR POA Dues invoice that you email her with your full name and parcel number(s) at

She will email you back your invoice. Included in that email will be a link where you can pay your dues online by check for free. If you pay by credit card there is a fee so use the check method.

We also spoke about waiving any penalty for payments after the February 28th (or 29th leap year??) deadline. This is a glitch that appears to be a result of the Post Office and not TRT nor the POA Board. And it certainly is not the fault of the members. There should be no penalty to the members for this. I will formalize the waiving of fees with the other board members this afternoon. Once approved I will advise in comment to this posting.

The POA Board will also post this notice on the WVR POA Web and Facebook spaces.

WVR Board


March 2020 Board Meeting



How to use the New Well Box Lock System (Video)




When traveling throughout the ranch, remember to leave all gates in the position you find them. It is critical to keep closed gates closed after you pass through them and if you find gates open, leave them open.