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Woodland Valley Ranch Property Owners Association

Come see the big skies of Woodland Valley Ranch - located on Hwy 191 north of St. Johns, Arizona 

This site provides Woodland Valley Ranch property owners with important information about the ranch, such as board meeting minutes, announcements, and documents pertinent to the ranch owners.

Our goal in creating this website is to provide you, our associate member, the information needed to make the most of your property ownership at Woodland Valley Ranch. Within this site you will find networking links, allowing us all to be as involved in the WVR community as we see fit and giving us opportunities to get to know our neighbors. 

Please stop by often!


Well Testing Report updated and can be found on the Links and Resources Page

New Update in Announcements and News July 18, 2020

We have received the new recorded Bylaws and have posted it on the Links and Resources Page.

Information on Well use and Hose can be found Here.




How to use the New Well Box Lock System (Video)




When traveling throughout the ranch, remember to leave all gates in the position you find them. It is critical to keep closed gates closed after you pass through them and if you find gates open, leave them open.