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Woodland Valley Ranch Property Owners Association

Come see the big skies of Woodland Valley Ranch - located on Hwy 191 north of St. Johns, Arizona 




September 6, 2020

The WVR POA Board of Directors is not trying to make access to the meetings or documents less convenient for any member. We are however doing our best to ensure only members have access. As part of that effort we are asking members to provide information that allows us to verify WVR ownership so that only current WVR members have access to the meetings and information that is designated as members only.

Due to our current capacity and technical limits it is easiest for us to use your 8 digit parcel number and a search of county records for identification. For the Zoom meeting we only get an access/pass code when the meeting is created and that only happens prior to each meeting, there are no recurring access codes. The same principle of security and limiting access to only WVR association members applies to WVR documents that belong to and are open for membership access, such as meeting minutes and financials. Access to these materials is for WVR association members only and not for public consumption. If you would like to be added to a monthly email list for meeting access, current meeting minutes and financial reports, please send an email to with your name and 8 digit parcel number.

Thank you


July 14, 2021 Well Testing Report has been posted to the Links and Resources Page.