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Woodland Valley Ranch Property Owners Association

Come see the big skies of Woodland Valley Ranch - located on Hwy 191 north of St. Johns, Arizona 




Each WVR Owner should be receiving this week a letter of introduction from Sentry Management.

Please read these letters carefully and if you have any questions their contact 

information is listed in the letter or you can use the following:
ATTN: Twila Rothra
4605 East Elwood Street, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85040
If you believe your mailing address or any other contact information you had with the prior management company was incorrect please email/write to Sentry Management and provide them with as much of the following information as possible:
1. Full name of the owner(s) as listed on tax account
2. Mailing address
3. Apache County 8 digit parcel number (APN #)
4. Apache County tax account
5. Email address
6. Phone number
You can find your 8 digit APN and your tax account number on the Apache County Treasurer website here: 
The expected timeline for POA dues (assessment) notices to be sent out is end of January beginning of February. There will be a short grace period due to the timing of the change over, this will be listed on you dues notice, and will be based on the date all dues notices are mailed.
As part of the services Sentry Management is providing to us, a community portal for each owner/account will go live soon, I do not have a firm date for this yet. This may or may not happen before dues notices go out, but I will update you as soon as it does. There will also be a Board portal on the Sentry website and this will centralize the interaction of the association as a whole. Going forward this will be the main tool for communication to & from WVR members, WVR Board of Directors & Sentry Management. Documents can be accessed there as well as different forms of paying POA dues and much more. 
Please browse these links to get a better picture the community portal
We will still have our website to make announcements as well as the WVR BOD email:
Thank you for your patience as we go through this transition.