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Woodland Valley Ranch Property Owners Association

Come see the big skies of Woodland Valley Ranch - located north of St. Johns, Arizona off Hwy 191



It goes without saying that you should always read the fine print before you sign a legal contract.  All too often however, buyers sign away without conducting due diligence into what they are buying when they purchase land that is remote and off the grid.  And all too often, those same buyers will yell the loudest when the realization hits that they have purchased land that has no amenities, other than the natural beauty of the land and sky that only nature can present.  If you are considering buying land at WVR or plan to visit please consider the following:

  1. This area sometimes receives very heavy rains that cause flooding.  And sometimes even heavy rains to the east of us, in New Mexico, can cause floods to occur at WVR even when it isn't raining at WVR.  There are many washes, draws and streams that could be dry and passable one minute, and literally flowing with water the next.  Be advised, when floods occur your access to your property may be impeded.  Likewise, if you are at your property, you may not be able to leave.  IF FLASH FLOODS HIT WHILE YOU ARE AT YOUR PROPERTY, YOU ARE ADVISED NOT TO ATTEMPT TRAVEL UNTIL THE ROADS DRY!
  2. When you visit the ranch, be wise enough to bring plenty of personal and emergency supplies with you!  If you visit during inclement weather, you may be stuck for hours, or even days.  Plan ahead and use common sense.
  3. There are NO UTILITIES at the ranch.  This is what is meant by "off-grid".  Depending on your cell phone carrier's coverage, your cell phone might not work in some areas of the ranch.  Verizon Wireless has fairly good coverage in this area.
  4. Most of the roads at WVR are bladed ONE TIME per year.  The roads are considered primitive at best.  Keep this in mind while driving on the ranch roads.  Travel slowly and with care.  If you open a gate to go through it, you are responsible for making sure the gate is closed and latched after you go through.  Watch for cattle!  The entire ranch is open range, except on properly fenced lots.  It is suggested that you ask your realtor to fully explain Arizona open range laws and what rights you will have (or not have) before you sign any contracts.
  5. Study flood maps before signing contracts.  Just because that beautiful lot was dry when you visited doesn't mean it stays dry all year round.
  6. All properties at WVR have easements surrounding them.  Easement restrictions are strictly enforced.
  7. WVR roads are (unfortunately) used by hunters and campers throughout the year to access BLM and State Trust Land on the ranch.  Sometimes these non-owners do not follow hunting rules and will shoot where they should not.  Do not hesitate to call the sheriffs department if hunters are shooting within 1/4 mile of your home, buildings, camp site, or vehicle.  The ranch CC&Rs forbid WVR property owners from shooting on their own land.  The CC&Rs were created by the original developer, not the property owners association.
  8. There is a CONVENIENCE well located in the north east area of the ranch.  It is for the convenience of the POA members only and subject to rules of use.  There is a 500 gallon per week limit PER PROPERTY OWNER (subject to change).   There are no carry-overs from week to week. If more than one person or a business owns property (regardless of the number of lots owned) at WVR, it still counts as a single owner.  Water from the well is only for household use, not for large animals, landscaping, vehicle washing, etc.  Owners caught violating the rules may be fined.