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Woodland Valley Ranch Property Owners Association

Come see the big skies of Woodland Valley Ranch - located on Hwy 191 north of St. Johns, Arizona 


Official WVR Documents

Regional Resources

WVR Social Media, Groups and Maps

WVR POA Bylaws


Minimum Standards for WVR Road Maintenance Contract

Woodland Valley Ranch MAP This link will be updated periodically as road signs are added. 

ARS 17-304 Prohibition by landowner on hunting; posting; exception

Sean Duff has provided WVR Owners with stamped engineered plans for Ranch Fencing from the State of AZ. 
Click Here for a copy

2018 WVR Well Test Report

2019 WVR Well Test Report

Results of WVR Well Radiation Test

WVR Ranch Map This is an updated map that will be enhanced based on your feedback over time. It is pdf and scalable, but for now has no layers.

Google Earth version of the WVR Ranch Map. Open this .kml file in Google Earth and zoom in to see the labels scaled properly.











The Water Wars of Arizona

Presentation to WVR Homeowners by Apache County Sheriff

Apache County Website 

City of St Johns, Arizona Website

ASLD Parcel Viewer  This is the Arizona State Land Department GIS map.  Use this map to check topography, washes, locate state trust land parcels, the name of the rancher leasing STL parcels, and more.  The link should open directly to the WVR area.

Apache County Application for 911 Address

Apache County GIS map site - Instructions: Use this map to obtain your N number for emergency services. You will need your legal parcel number to proceed (ex. 204-63-687).  Once you access the map, click on the "Globe" icon found at the top of the page on the left (it will say parcel search when you hover over it).  Enter your parcel number, when it comes up, click on your parcel number and the map will zoom to your parcel along with your N number.  Keep this number in a safe place in case you need to call for emergency services.

Arizona State ARS -















Woodland Valley Ranch POA -
Informational Facebook Group

WVR Board & Member Discussion Group -
Closed Facebook Group

Woodland Valley Ranch group - Yahoo

Woodland Valley Ranch Property Owners - Facebook Group
Closed Group managed by R. Winkle

WVR Road Sections Map
Latest WVR Road status map with trouble spots and road conditions reported by owners. (Note the base map will transition to use the WVR Ranch Map soon)

WVR POA Roads Committee Working Map
The first step is to verify all of the roads on the ranch by name and if intersections have signs on posts. We plan to do this by posse with 3 of us driving a third of the ranch with the map and a notebook to list each road name, signs etc.














WVR POA mailing address: PO Box 2487, St Johns, AZ  85936  
Use this address for sending mail to the POA Board and to return annual voting ballots.  DO NOT send POA dues payments here!


Tucson Realty Trust/TRT mailing address and contact:   
Woodland Valley Ranch POA, PO Box 57610, Tucson, AZ 85732-7610  Phone: 520-327-0009  Our contact there is Chris York.  Use this address for mailing in annual POA dues payments for proper credit to your account.